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온리오가닉 3단계 베이비 푸드 바나나 죽 200g

온리오가닉 3단계 베이비 푸드 바나나 죽 200g

SKU: 2020000670

가장 좋은 오가닉 귀리와 태양 아래 잘 익은 달콤한 바나나를 섞은 맛있는 부드러우며 영양가 넘치는 아기의 아침 식사로 적합한 제품이에요. 

건강한 아기를 위한 철분이 함유되어 있어요. 

  • 원산지


  • 성분

    Ground Oats1 (94.0000%), Banana Flakes1 (6.0000%), Mineral (Iron)


    1 Certified organic ingredients

    This product may contain traces of Milk., Contains: Gluten.

  • 영양소 표시

    Serving/pack: 6.6 Serving size: 180g


    Nutrient Per Serving1,2 Per 100g1,2 RDI% Per Serving3
    Energy 497kJ 276kJ  
    Protein 2.8g 1.5g  
    Fat - Total 1.6g 0.9g  
    Saturated 0.3g 0.2g  
    Carbohydrate 22.2g 12.3g  
    Sugars 7.8g 4.3g  
    Sodium 2mg 1mg  
    Iron 6mg 3mg 67%


    * Serving size: 180g (Prepared as 30g dry cereal + 150mL cooled boiled water)

    1 Average quantity

    2 As prepared

    3 Recommended Dietary Intake for infants from 6 to 12 months.

    # Extra nutrients will be provided if prepared with breast milk or infant formula milk.

  • 특징

    • Certified organic ingredients,
    • Enriched with essential iron,
    • No artificial flavours or colours,
    • No preservatives
    • Asurequality Certified Organic
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